Dr Javad Memorial

The mausoleum combines traditional Persian architecture with contemporary materials local to Iran. The structure is created from copper-coated steel which will naturally change colour over time as it is exposed to the elements, allowing it to evolve and adapt organically within the forest.

Eight overlapping triangular arches converge together in a form known as karbandy. The geometrical perfection of the form is manifested through its interaction with the sun, as the natural path of sunlight creates a unique pattern of shadows through the passing of the day.

Each part of the mausoleum was constructed separately in Iran, using local artisanal techniques. It was then transported to the UK and reassembled on site.

For further information on Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh or Nimatullahi Sufi Order go to www.nimatullahi.org

The “Tomb Stone” which was made from Iranian green granite was shaped using a CNC, with finishing work completed by hand. Inscriptions then were sandblasted and finished with gold leaf.

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